Lifesonics Relax® is a deep relaxation programme combining sound therapy, music and mindfulness, shown to improve your health and wellbeing.

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Lyz Cooper, founder of LifeSonics ® received worldwide attention when her collaboration with Marconi Union resulted in ‘Weightless - the most relaxing track ever’.

We have developed our music over 22 years and have shown that deep relaxation with specifically designed sound and music can be beneficial for physical conditions such as pain and muscle tension as well as a host of stress-related conditions.

It is now widely known that stress can be the cause of many different illnesses (both mental and physical) and that stress is becoming a world-wide epidemic. With this in mind It is more important than ever to reduce stress as much as we can.

This is a cutting-edge relaxation method and we are currently training the first facilitators in the world. From the end of 2018 we hope to launch the very first classes in the UK.