We have all experienced the emotive effect sounds and music can have on us in our personal lives. But, what if we told you that research has shown that deploying the right kind of audio in an effective way through your business, both internally and externally, can help you meet your corporate objectives?

Incorporating audio into your organisational workspace, or your external marketing, may not be in your daily professional skill set, but that needn’t stop you benefiting from the power audio has to offer your business. With over 20 years of experience in this industry, including conducting primary research, Lyz Cooper multi-award-winning Creative Director and Founder, and her team, are well placed to guide you through the audio creative process.

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LifeSonics® Corporate Subscription

A LifeSonics® Corporate Subscription package not only helps to mitigate negative impacts affecting your team’s performance, but there is also evidence to suggest that audio ‘brain breaks’ (we equate this to allowing your teams to put their brain into screen saver mode for 5-10 minutes every 90 minutes or so, throughout their working day), can actually enhance collective team performance. We use our tried and tested entrainment techniques to encourage listeners into a deep altered state of consciousness (ASC) where they can take a complete mental break, relax their mind and then be brought safely back at the end, ready to continue their working day with a refreshed and re-calibrated mental state.

LifeSonics® subscribers can opt for a ‘sonic prescription’ from the comfort of their own work-station (or anywhere else people like to listen to music through their headphones), choosing their aim from their listening time, such as, an ‘improvement in mood state’, or ‘reduced anxiety’ and then a playlist is generated to achieve their needs. For corporate subscribers, we can build in Key Performance Indicators to your corporate logins, allowing you to review the efficacy of your wellbeing budget spend at regular reporting intervals.

There are several ways you can access our wellbeing support, from a corporate LifeSonics® subscription package, through to commissioning a bespoke piece.

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    Bespoke Music Commissions

    Audio branding is an essential part of the modern-day marketing tool kit – conveying your unique organisational identity through sound. Adding an audio dimension to your brand allows you to differentiate your organisation by cutting through the over-crowded competitive landscape of visual stimulation. Our consciously designed music goes beyond generally relaxing ambient tracks and draws upon the latest cognitive neuroscience and music psychology, as well as Lyz’s research and development in the sound therapy field since 1994.

    Depending on your objectives and budget, there are several different ways to access consciously designed music through LifeSonics®:

    LifeSonics® Library – We have a full range of off-the-peg pieces in our library, organised by therapeutic aim, which can be licenced for your use.

    Augmented Pieces – Using a template of ‘beds’ for different therapeutic aims and themes, we can then create an original sounding piece by adding elements to help you to meet your objectives and needs. If you own a hotel on a tropical island, we could create a piece incorporating sounds of the ocean and birdsong native to the island for example.

    Bespoke Commissions – These are pieces that are created from scratch to meet your objectives. They can be signed over to you on a ‘buy-out’ basis and licenced in perpetuity or for shorter periods (depending on the intended use of the piece).

      The Creative Process

      Stage 1: We begin with a joint meeting to really understand the DNA of your brand, the personality and values you strive to represent. This information then dovetails into the therapeutic aim or feeling that you would like to achieve with the piece or pieces. Based on over 20 years of experience, we can then advise you and suggest ways to achieve this with your consciously designed music commission.

      Uniquely, we pull all of this information together into a ‘Sonic Mood Board’ and then summarise your objectives from the piece with a cohesive brand statement. This then guides the rest of our process.

      Stage 2: We translate all of the information gathered in stage one and convert it into Consciously Designed Music that is aligned with your brand. Our composition process is led by Founder and Creative Director, Lyz Cooper, drawing on the latest research in cognitive neuroscience, her own primary research often conducted in collaboration with leading institutions and her background in music psychology to create your bespoke piece.

      Stage 3: Your draft Consciously Designed Music is delivered to you for tweaking and feedback.

      Stage 4: Your Consciously Designed Music is delivered in the agreed format.

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