How It Works


Getting Started With Our Music

LifeSonics® music has been composed for different therapeutic purposes such as relaxation, sleep, pain, improving mood-state and reducing anxiety for example. The pieces range from 3 minutes to an hour in duration. There are several ways to choose the right piece for you. You can choose from pieces in the collection that best suits your needs or if you’d like a bespoke music medicine treatment, you can have a Sonic Prescription®. Tell us how you’re feeling and what you want from your treatment, and you’ll be taken to your very own prescription page.

Some pieces may feature in more than one collection and there are also collections that are themed, such as ‘Noir’ (deliciously dark) and ‘Cosmic’ (incorporates sounds from the cosmos). The ‘AI’ Collection features otherworldly generative AI music shaped slightly by humans!

To get the most therapeutic benefit from the music, give yourself time and space to immerse yourself. We recommend wearing over ear headphones for the best results, lay down if you can and close your eyes. Allow the music to take you on a journey. If you feel a bit spacey at the end, choose a piece from the Grounding Collection to bring you back to Mother Earth!

LifeSonics for Laura

About the Science

Our research has shown that when one enters a deeply relaxed state known as an altered state of consciousness or ASC for short, there are many different positive benefits to our health and wellbeing.  These include an improvement in mood state, a reduction in stress and anxiety and less physical pain and tension. LifeSonics® music is a perfect way to relax mind and body and soothe the emotions.

  • The track was enriching on so many levels.... Felt bouncy and alive the next day, ready to tackle any challenge I faced.

    Amanda Harrison

  • The track is a beautiful tool for falling asleep and allowed me to find peace when falling asleep rather than having constant thoughts making me anxious and frustrated.


  • SOMNUS X has really helped me fall asleep more quickly and feel relaxed. It also helped if I woke up in the night. I’d recommend to anyone having issues getting to sleep.


lyz monochord flipped

Who is behind Lifesonics®?

The music composed for Lifesonics® is written and produced by Lyz Cooper. Lyz is the founder and director of the British Academy of Sound Therapy, a published author and a composer. Lyz began her journey with sound in 1994 when she had to leave a busy career in advertising due to a life-limiting illness. During this time she found that sound and music not only helped her relax, but certain sounds actually improved her health and well-being. This life-changing personal journey motivated her to find out more about how why sound and music can affect mind, body and emotions – she went to university, got an MA in Education and an MSc in Applied Music Psychology and conducted research to find out more.

Lyz’s compositions and music projects have received excellent feedback – listeners have reported becoming pain free, deeply relaxed and uplifted. She is often asked to support product launches with her music and has worked with Aldi, Radox, Canon, Clif and Morrisons to name a few. Lyz’s music contains certain ‘Sonic Vitamins®’ – formulae which are known to affect psychological states due to the way that sound and music is processed in the brain. Independent research carried out by Mindlab demonstrated that Lyz’s techniques are really effective.

Therapeutic Music for the Journey of Life