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Cookies are used on this website. Cookies are text files that are sent by a web server to a browser and then stored by the browser. Every time the browser requests a page from the server, a text file is sent back to the server. What this allows the web server to do is identify and track the web browser.

There are various different uses of cookies but essentially they allow websites to load content and respond to you as an individual based on how you use it. They don’t give you access to your computer and simply give information in the form of data that you have approved can be shared in your settings.

There are a few ways you can control what cookies you accept or decline. Most browsers also allow you to change your settings to let you refuse to accept cookies. For example, in Internet Explorer you can do this by going to ‘Tools’, ‘Internet options’, ‘Privacy’ and then select ‘Block all cookies’ with the sliding selector. You should be aware though that this may make it difficult for you to use certain websites, including this one. Some cookies are needed to simply allow the page to load properly so if you block all cookies, it may cause problems in accessing websites or seeing all of the content.

Furthermore, ‘do not track’ (DNT) is a feature that some browsers offer as a default choice. If you enable it then websites receive a signal requesting that your browsing isn’t tracked. This may be for third party ads or social networks, or possibly analytics companies. If you would like to opt-out of Google Analytics, you can download an opt-out browser add-on for to do this:

You can also always delete any cookies stored on your computer.

To find out more about cookies visit

A table of the cookies used on this website is set out below.

If you do not wish to accept cookies from this website, please leave this site immediately and then delete and block all cookies from this site. If you need any help regarding cookies on this website, get in touch by emailing xxxx.





This cookie is used to store your authentication details. Its use is limited to the admin console area, /wp-admin/



This cookie indicates that you are logged in, and who you are, for most interface use.



This cookie is used to check whether your web browser can allow or reject cookies



Sets the time at which wp-settings-* was set

1 Year


Cookie is used to preserve user’s wp-admin settings

1 Year


To store and track audience reach

5 Years


This cookie will help deliver our advertising to people who have already visited our website when they are on Facebook or a digital platform powered by Facebook Advertising. For information on how to opt out of these cookies refer to Facebook’s <a href=””>cookie policy</a>

1 Month


Used by Google Ads for experimenting with advertisement efficiency across websites using their services.

2 Months


Used by a service called Lucky Orange which covers our online chat and activity across the website.

2 years


Used by a third party called Force24. This cookie helps to identify sessions of visitors.

10 Years


Used by a service called Lucky Orange which covers our online chat and activity across the website.

1 year


Cross-site request forgeries are a type of malicious exploit whereby unauthorized commands are performed on behalf of an authenticated user. Thankfully, Laravel makes it easy to protect your application from cross-site request forgery (CSRF) attacks.

2 Hours