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By joining the LifeSonics® family you will access high quality Consciously Designed Music pieces whenever you need your daily dose of Sonic Vitamins®. New pieces will be uploaded each month that you can immerse yourself in whenever you want. Your personalised dashboard will save your favourite ‘go to’ pieces and will suggest new pieces that you may like. You can have an unlimited number of Sonic Prescriptions® every month, enabling you to have bespoke music medicine treatments anytime you need support.

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Why Choose LifeSonics®

Lyz Cooper has spent almost 30 years researching and developing effective methods of helping to improve health and wellbeing with therapeutic sound and music. Lyz uses her experience in sound and music psychology, music medicine, sound therapy, neuroscience and medical ethnomusicology to create and sculpt each piece and will not release a piece until she is happy that it is the best it can be.

Unlike many other platforms offering relaxation music, our music (especially the longer pieces) is specifically designed to take you on a therapeutic journey and can be used as a full treatment, or as a quick pick-me up as and when needed.

Rare and unusual instruments, different types of noise (white, brown and pink), vocal techniques, sacred musical geometry, space sounds, musical ratios, vibroacoustic frequencies, nature sounds, sound therapy and classical instruments and so much more can be found in these pieces. A good dose of 21st century science and experience brings everything together with the aim of enriching life and improving health and wellbeing.

Monthly Subscription: £11.99 (cancel at any time)

Annual Subscription (10 months for the price of 12): £119.99